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Have you ever noticed the story your hands tell of your life? Palm readers say they are able to detail our past and future experiences by looking at them. Our hands show the calluses, wrinkles, tendons, veins and age spots that appear as a result of damage from sun exposure, chemical irritants, smoking, physical activity, malnutrition, trauma, genetics, endocrine changes, metabolic disorders and bone and soft tissue injuries and pathology.
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Our hands are a very visible part of our body, and their appearance can leave a lasting impression. Think of all the ways they come into play in social interactions. We shake with our hands. We eat with our hands. We hold our cocktails with our hands. We wear jewelry on our hands to bring attention to them.

If you are worried about your facial appearance and treat volume loss, wrinkles and pigmentation issues, doesn’t it follow that you should also consider rejuvenating your hands as well?
Radiesse for Hands Treatment
Common signs of aging hands include wrinkles, thin skin that allows tendons and veins to show more prominently and age spots. These changes begin to develop in our 30’s and 40’s and gradually become worse until the dorsal hand has paper thin skin with prominent tendons showing, ropey veins and multiple age spots.

RADIESSE® is FDA approved to treat and correct the volume loss in the hands associated with these changes. In fact, it is the only dermal filler that has this distinction. RADIESSE® promotes the production of collagen in the skin of the hand which can extend treatment results up to a year.

Before and After Radiesse® for Hands InjectionsThe treatment procedure is quick, and the results are immediate. After injecting RADIESSE® under the skin of the dorsal surface of the hand (back of the hand), the product is spread out in an even layer over the hollows between the tendons. The resulting effect corrects the volume loss, lessens the appearance of the tendons and the veins and rejuvenates the hands. Age spots on the hands will still need an appropriate skincare regimen for correction.

As with any dermal filler, there are warnings and contraindications. Patients with multiple severe allergies, bleeding disorders or hypersensitivity to any of the components of RADIESSE® may not be appropriate candidates for treatment. Caution should be used in patients with known autoimmune disease affecting the hands, hand implants, history of hand tumor, vascular malformations, Raynaud’s disease or who are at risk of tendon rupture.

Radiesse® For Hands Certified Injector at Willo MediSpaCare must be taken by the injector not to inject into a vein or tendon. There can be minor adverse events such as bruising, swelling, tenderness and redness. If these adverse events happen, they should be quick to resolve. There can be a temporary difficulty performing activities with a treated hand that may last longer than 14 days, and sometimes nodules, bumps and lumps may develop that can last up to a year.

I received training in 2010 for rejuvenating the dorsum of the hand using RADIESSE®. I am now recognized as a RADIESSE® for Hands Certified Injector. To learn more about RADIESSE® for Hands, please call Willo MediSpa at 602-296-4477 or send an email to [email protected] to schedule a Complimentary Consultation. We are located in Phoenix at 201 East Monterey Way, two blocks south of Osborn Road between Central Avenue and Third Street.

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