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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Testostersone Injections available in Phoenix, AZ at Willo MediSpaRecently, Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men has become a controversial topic. There have been studies showing both a decreased and increased risk of heart disease and stroke in men taking testosterone. As with any medication, the risks of taking testosterone should be weighed against the benefits.

As we men grow older, our bodies produce less testosterone. The effects of a lower testosterone level come on gradually. We feel fatigued. We gain body fat even though we think our diet and activities haven’t changed. We feel a decrease in libido. Our workouts don’t feel as strong. Our sleep quality becomes poorer. Our mood might become more pessimistic.

These are classic symptoms of low testosterone. However, these can be symptoms of other illnesses and conditions as well. Always, the first thing to do is to check with your primary physician to see if any underlying illness is present. After you have been medically cleared, considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy might be right for you.

To start the program at our aesthetic medical spa in Phoenix Arizona, I will sit down with you and discuss why you feel you might be a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. If it is felt that you are, I will give you a script for baseline lab work. You can use any laboratory facility that your insurance covers. However, some insurances will not cover these tests, and it is best to check with your carrier before having them drawn to make sure you will not be responsible for the bill. If your insurance does not cover these lab tests, there are several low cost cash pay laboratory facilities we can refer you to. Once your lab results are available, I will have you come back in and review them with you. We will discuss whether Testosterone Replacement Therapy is appropriate for you, what your goals are and if you are ready to start. If so, I document a medical history, perform a physical exam and obtain baseline bio-impedance measurements to track physical improvements. You will be required to pay a one time $100 charge at this time as we do not accept any insurance.

I treat my patients with testosterone cypionate. Most patients come in weekly for an intramuscular injection, but some patients find an injection every other week is sufficient. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is tailored and individualized for each patient.  Your dose is dependent on your history, labs and goals. There is always an open discussion about your progress and whether a dose or dosing schedule needs to be adjusted. There is no “one size fits all.” We charge $30 per testosterone injection with a maximum dose up to 200mg.

There are periodic lab tests that must be followed to minimize and manage any side effects that might arise during treatment.

We provide Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men in Phoenix, Arizona, and other areas including the nearby communities of Arcadia, Central Phoenix and Downtown Phoenix.  Schedule a Complimentary Consultation today.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men in Phoenix, Arizona

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy | Willo MediSpa

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Many Phoenix men who are growing increasingly tired, starting to gain weight, are fighting moodiness and poor sleep and maybe even have experienced a decreased libido, are unaware that this might be due to low testosterone levels. Dr. Nello Rossi offers Testosterone Replacement Therapy at his medispa in central Phoenix. After your doctor has assessed your health and cleared your medically Dr. Rossi will sit down with you to discuss your concerns and to determine if you are a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. To decide on the best and safest course of action, Dr. Rossi will review your blood work results and discuss your health goals with you. We offer intramuscular testosterone injections at a very reasonable rate. Injections can be administered weekly or biweekly depending on your body.Dr. Rossi will monitor your physical progress and compare it to findings from your initial physical exam. Testosterone injections are a great option for many Phoenix men. Dr Rossi takes your health very seriously and you will be monitored via periodic lab tests and an annual exam. If you would like to know more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy call Willo MediSpa today for more information or to set up an initial consult at 602-296-4477 or visit us online at