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Latisse for hypotrichosis cosmetic treatment productsHave you noticed your eyelashes getting thinner, shorter and lighter? Are your eyebrows thinning out as well? This condition is called hypotrichosis and can be caused by aging. From the ages of 18 to 59, the changes to your lashes become more and more pronounced. The good news is that LATISSE®, a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis, can help reverse this process and bring back fuller, thicker, darker lashes.

LATISSE® has an interesting story of how it was discovered for cosmetic use. Allergan manufactures ophthalmic solutions, one of which is bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%.  It is FDA approved for use directly on an eye to treat glaucoma. Patients being treated for this condition were noticing their eyelashes growing longer, and patients being treated for glaucoma in one eye noticed their lashes on the treated eye growing longer and fuller than their lashes on the non-treated eye. LATISSE® was FDA approved in 2008 to be used as a topical application to the upper eyelid to stimulate eyelash growth.

Phoenix Latisse Eyelash Treatment with Dr. Nello Rossi in Arizona
Eyelashes grow in a three phase cycle from the beginning of new growth to falling out. It is felt that LATISSE® increases the percentage of eyelashes in the active growth cycle as well as extending the growth cycle. This means that more eyelashes are growing for an extended period of time before falling out at the end of the cycle.
Though it may take up to 16 weeks of use to achieve the eyelash growth desired, most of our aesthetic patients see results much faster. Many patients have noticed that once they achieve the lash growth they desire, they can maintain the results by applying a smaller amount of LATISSE® less often. If LATISSE® is stopped for a period of time, the eyelashes will revert to the shorter growth cycle and go back to their original appearance. Continued use of LATISSE® will maintain longer, darker, thicker lashes.
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If you are a woman living in the greater Phoenix Metro area with lackluster eyelashes or thin eyebrows you may be suffering from hypotrichosis. This condition can be responsible for the slow or lack of growth of eyelashes and brows and is non-reversible as well as progressive. Dr Nello Rossi at the Willo MediSpa can help. Here, we provide Latisse® Eyelash Treatment, which is an FDA approved prescription treatment that can assist women who desire longer, thicker, darker eyelashes in achieving their goal. At the Willo MediSpa in Phoenix, you can relax and be assured that your beauty and health is in competent hands. If you need a boost of energy, self esteem or are simply looking to do something good for yourself and live in Phoenix, Central Phoenix, Downtown Phoenix or Arcadia, give Dr. Rossi a try. Come and see for yourself why Dr Rossi is the best Anti-Aging doctor in the Phoenix area. Call us today at (602) 296-4477 or visit us online at