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Penile and Glans Augmentation

Penile and Glans Augmentation

There are psychological and psychosexual connotations associated with penis size. Penis length is a parameter that men are mostly stuck with from birth, but penis girth and glans size are things that can be enhanced. The benefits of a larger penis may include better self-esteem, more confidence and a more pleasurable sexual experience for you and your partner.

The average circumference of a flaccid penis is 4.5 cm and the average length is 6 inches. Dermal fillers can be injected under the skin of the shaft of the penis to create a fuller girth and into the glans to create a larger head. Every guy is going to cringe when thinking about sticking a needle under the skin of their penis, but this process is relatively simple and mostly painless and complication free.

How does it work?


Baseline measurements are taken. After a sterile cleanse of the skin of the penis, a lidocaine block is done on both sides of the shaft. Once numb, an introducer needle hole is created on either side of the penis. Then a longer blunt tip cannula is inserted thru the hole that can glide under the skin with very little discomfort. This cannula provides a safe way to deliver the dermal filler to be used. The cannula is moved along the shaft while evenly delivering the dermal filler. Filler is distributed along the top and sides of the penis and is not placed near the urethra. The amount of filler placed depends on what the desired finished goal is.

Dermal fillers can be molded after being placed under the skin. There are several methods to even out filler placement. Direct manipulation or a partially restrictive dressing can be used.  Since it takes up to several weeks for the filler to be set in place, one should be cautious of experiences that might redistribute the filler.


The glans of the penis can also be enhanced with dermal fillers. Numbing cream adequately anesthetizes the glans for injection. The amount injected in the glans is far less than what can be injected under the skin of the shaft, but the end goal would be to have an aesthetically pleasing shape of the glans in relation to the shaft.


Scrotox is the term used to describe the procedure of injecting botulinum neurotoxin into the dartos muscle of the scrotum. Treatment benefits can include reducing excessive sweating from the scrotum, alleviating chronic scrotal pain, smoothing out the scrotal wrinkles and allowing the flaccid penis and testicles to be visibly more noticeable.

Numbing cream applied to the scrotum before the injections adequately anesthetizes the scrotum and base of the penis. After a thorough cleansing of the skin, 100 units of botulinum neurotoxin are injected into multiple areas of the dartos muscle and base of the penis.


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